Dating Attitudes Inventory (DAI)

Dating Attitudes Inventory (DAI) is a 20-item measure that captures the link between masculine gender role ideology and intimate partner violence. The measure comprises two sub-scales, Rationalizing abuse and Dominance/Control.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Male

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


Please rate how much you agree or disagree with each item

Rationalize Abuse
1. A man has the right to hit a woman if she intentionally says things she knows will make him mad.
2. Sometimes a man needs to push his girlfriend around.
3. If a man hits his girlfriend, she probably deserved it.
4. Men should not tell their girlfriends they’re ugly/unattractive.*
5. It is alright for a man to hit his girlfriend if he finds out she has been unfaithful.
6. If someone is really angry they are not responsible for what they do.
7. A man should not curse at his girlfriend if he is angry.*
8. A woman who makes her boyfriend jealous on purpose does not deserve to be hit.*
9. To be a spiritual leader of a relationship, the man must sometimes be physically aggressive.
10. A woman should not break up with a man just because he hit her.

11. Sometimes a man needs to intimidate his girlfriend to keep her in line.
12. Men have certain rights that women should not have.
13. To avoid bad influences, a man needs to have control over those who his girlfriend hangs out with.
14. It is good for a girlfriend to be a little afraid of her boyfriend.
15. Men should not control their girlfriends.*
16. Women will cheat if you don't watch them all the time.
17. A man needs to be in control or his girlfriend will leave him for someone else.
18. It is okay for a man to lie to a woman so she doesn’t get angry.
19. Women should not follow men’s orders.*
20. It is important to keep women in line.

Response Options:
5-point Likert scale
Strongly disagree - 1
Strongly agree - 5

Scoring Procedures

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Original Citation

Schwartz, J. P., Kelley, F. A., & Kohli, N. (2012). The development and initial validation of the dating attitudes inventory: A measure of the gender context of dating violence in men. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 27(10), 1959-1986.

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