Living Standards Measurement Survey 1991 - Pakistan: Family Labor

The Family Labor measure includes 6 items from the 1991 Pakistan Integrated Household Survey. Asked of females ages 10 years and older, the items focus on time spent on activities or chores for the household (e.g., gathering water, caretaking, cleaning, and cooking-related activities) in the past 7 days. The Pakistan Integrated Household Survey is a national, multi-province survey included in the Living Standards Measurement Study, aimed at understanding the impact of policies on the living standards of households. Navigational aspects (i.e. skip-out patterns and next question sequences) have not been included on this page but can be viewed on the original questionnaire located here.


Geographies Tested: Pakistan

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


Instructions: Now I would like to ask you some questions about household chores done by each female member of the household age 10 years and above over the past 7 days. Specifically, we need to know the number of times each member did the particular activity and the average time spent doing the activity.


  • Fetching Water
  • Gathering Fire
  • Animal CareGrazing HerdingCollecting Fodder
  • Preparing Dung Cakes
  • Milking AnimalsMaking Ghee
  • Taking Meals to Field Workers
  • Going to Market
  • Grinding Flour or Husking Rice
  • CookingBaking Bread Washing Dishes
  • Cleaning the House Laundry Ironing
  • Stitching Embroidery for Household Use
  • Childcare and Teaching

For each of the activities listed above:

1. How many times in the past 7 days did you do this?

Response Options:
__ Number of times

2. How much time do you normally spend doing this each time?

Response Options:

3. Other than activities listed above, do you do any work at home for sales or profit?

Response Options:
Yes - 1
No - 2

4. What type of activity do you do?

Response Options:
Stitchingembroidery - 1
Rug or other weaving - 2
Food preparation - 3
Other - 4
(Specify: ____ )

5. How much time did you spend on these during the past 30 days?

Response Options:

6. How much did you receive from the sales?

Response Options:

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Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS). (1991). Pakistan Integrated Household Survey Female Questionnaire.

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