Mission and Goals

  • Provide guiding theory and constructs for gender empowerment measurement
  • Democratize access to high quality measures via an open access platform for broad and cross-national
    use, and set standards on quality and usability of measures to support informed choice for researchers
  • Advance measurement development with gap identification and expansion of new measures
  • Improve networks on measurement data across multinational researchers, advocates, and policy
  • Provide technical assistance to support emerging and LMIC researchers to become scientific leaders

What is a measure?

Measures are used to track improvements in key constructs of interest, in this case, gender
equality and empowerment (GE/E). GE/E measures assess unequal distribution of resources
and opportunities that advantage or benefit males over females due to their sex. Measures are
assessed using survey items (individual questions) that address specific constructs (e.g. age at
marriage). Measures can also be assessed using scales, which are a collection of survey items
combined into a composite score, usually related to a specific construct (e.g. mental health, or
sub-constructs e.g. depression, sadness).

Use our search tool to find measures relevant to your work and visit our Scoring Methodology
and Guidance pages to understand our scoring methodologies and to access additional
resources on Gender Equality and Empowerment.

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