Women’s Economic Empowerment

Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment

Women’s economic empowerment measures must assess women and girls’ capacities and capabilities to a) alter or advance their economic circumstances and b) control economic decisions in their lives. This requires both internal capacities (e.g., skills, self-efficacy); external assets, resources, and opportunities; and a social context supportive of gender equality and safety as well as social norms reinforcing these. Here we focus our modules on women’s agency, safety, and social/digital connectivity in spheres of household, public spaces, community, and workplace. Please see our Social Norms page for norms and attitudes related to these issues.


Relevant Emerge Reports and Papers
A Roadmap for Measuring Agency and Social Norms in Women’s Economic Empowerment
Gender Parity at Work and Its Association With Workplace Sexual Harassment

Women’s Economic Empowerment Modules
Women’s Employment and Economic Empowerment
Domestic Labor, Unpaid Care, and Time Use
Household Decision-Making Control and Agency
Women’s Community Participation and Leadership
Social Support and Connection
Safety in Public Spaces and Freedom of Movement
Partner Violence, Sexual Exploitation, and Cyber Abuse
Financial Inclusion


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