Contraceptive Self-Efficacy Among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa (CSESSA)-Kenya

Contraceptive Self-Efficacy Among Women in Sub-Saharan Africa (CSESSA)-Kenya is an 11-item scale of women's belief in her own ability to obtain, discuss and change family planning methods and habits. This measure has 3 sub-scales: husband/partner communication, provider communication and choosing and managing a method. This particular scale was validated in the high modern contraceptive prevalence setting of Kenya, however there is a similar scale for use in lower prevalence settings such as Nigeria here.


Geographies Tested: Kenya

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


How certain are you that you can...

Husbandpartner communication
1. Discuss family size with my husbandpartner
2. Discuss if and when I'd like to get pregnant again with my husbandpartner
3. Discuss specific family planning methods with my husbandpartner
4. Reach an agreement with my husbandpartner about use of family planning that take my desires into account

Provider communication
5. Bring up the topic of family planning with a health care provider
6. Ask a provider to clarify something they have told me about family planning if I'm not sure I understand
7. Tell a provider what's important to me in choosing a family planning method

Choosing and managing a method
8. Choose a family planning method that will work well for me
9. Obtain the method of family planning I want, if I want one
10. Find solutions to bothersome side effects from family planning or switch methods if needed because of bothersome side effects
11. Use a family planning method according to instructions to prevent pregnancy

Response Options:
10-point visual analogue scale
Cannot do at all - 0
Highly certain can do - 10

Scoring Procedures

The 11-item scale score is calculated by summing all item values, creating a total score ranging from 0 to 110. Item scores can also be summed by sub-scale.

Original Citation

Whiting-Collins, L., Grenier, L., Winch, P. J., Tsui, A., & Donohue, P. K. (2020). Measuring contraceptive self-efficacy in sub-Saharan Africa: Development and validation of the CSESSA scale in Kenya and Nigeria. Contraception X, 2, 100041.

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