Menstrual Self-Evaluation Scale

The Menstrual Self-Evaluation Scale is a 27-item scale to measure women’s attitudes and emotions toward menstruation. It uses several items from the Menstrual Attitudes Questionnaire and contains two sub-scales that measure attitudes and emotions towards menstruation, respectively.


Geographies Tested: United States of America

Populations Included: Female

Age Range: Adolescents, Adults


Attitudes Toward Menstruation Factors

Menstruation as Bothersome:
1. Menstruation is something I have to put up with.
2. In some ways I enjoy my menstrual periods.
3. Men have a real advantage in not having the monthly interruption of a menstrual period.
4. I hope it will be possible someday to get a menstrual period over within a few minutes.
5. The only thing menstruation is good for is to let me know I'm not pregnant.

Menstruation as Disgusting or Shameful:
6. I would feel ashamed if I "leaked" menstrual blood on my clothes.
7. I avoid touching my genital region when I am menstruating.
8. I am embarrassed when I have to purchase menstrual products.
9. I would prefer not to talk openly about menstruation.
10. I find menstrual blood disgusting.
11. When I have my period, I do things to hide the fact that I am menstruating.

Menstruation as Enabling Awareness of One's Body:
12. Menstruation provides a way for me to keep in touch with my body.
13. Menstruation is a reoccurring affirmation of womanhood.
14. Menstruation allows women to be more aware of their bodies.

Menstruation as Life-Affirming:
15. Menstruation is an obvious example of the rhythmicity which pervades all of life.
16. The recurrent monthly flow of menstruation is an external indication of a woman's general good health.

Response Options:
7-point Likert scale
Disagree strongly - 1
Agree strongly - 7

Emotions Regarding Menstruation Factors

"When I think of my menstrual periods. . ."

I Feel Loathing:
17. Disgust, distaste, revulsion.
18. Angry, irritated, annoyed.
19. Contemptuous, scornful, disdainful.
20. Sad, downhearted, unhappy.

I Feel Self-Conscious:
21. Embarrassed, self-conscious, blushing.
22. Ashamed, humiliated, disgraced.
23. Sheepish, bashful, shy.
24. Silly, awkward, foolish.

I Feel Positive:
25. Glad, happy, joyful.
26. Proud, satisfied, honorable.
27. Surprised, amazed, astonished.

Response Options:
5-point Likert-scale
Not at all - 1
Extremely - 5

Scoring Procedures

Not Available

Original Citation

Roberts, T. (2004). Female trouble: The Menstrual Self-Evaluation Scale and women's self-objectification. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 28, 22-26.

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